Seth Godin Recently wrote a blog about the 10X person.

He said, “This is something we are always in search of. The human who is playing at a different level, generating work that changes everything.”

His examples were a programmer, surgeon, or expert. I like the sentiment but wonder, “Can anyone be a 10x person all the time?”

What about leadership?

Are you playing at a different level as a leader?

Playing at a different level of leadership doesn’t mean more output, task completion, or getting “work done.” It’s about setting the vision, holding onto the mission and culture, removing obstacles, having high stakes conversations, and making critical decisions.

Easy to say. Hard to do.

I’ve seen leaders have “10x” opportunities that get 1x’d out of fear, ignorance, impatience, apathy, pride, politics, and emotion (I’m sure there’s more).

Here’s an inventory for the beginning of the year.

What 10x situations, challenges, or opportunities did you have last year?

Which ones did you 10x?

Which ones did you 1x?


How do you lead more 10x and less 1x in 2019?