Because our world seems to reward busyness and productivity over all, few seem to carve out time for solitude. Time for quiet. Time for rest, reflection and restoration. Time for renewal. Time for deep thought and undistracted introspection. Time to realize how fortunate we are. Time to be thankful and grateful!

I’ve had the extremely good fortune of being able to get off the grid recently for more than the typical one week variety. A full month to tap out. I cannot begin to express how exceedingly renewing and re-energizing this time was. Focused on being a human being and not a human doing. Tapped out from the shallow noise of electronic interruption, network tools and social media madness. It was an amazing experience and I could write on and on about its virtues.

Sadly, I’m left to lament why I didn’t do this sooner. Why others don’t make space in their life to experience solitude. Daily for 15 minutes? Are you that important that 15 minutes will disrupt your “busy badge” pursuit? What about a half-day or full-day per month? Sound too radical?

One thing that the month-long extended outbound revealed was that I’m not that important. The world kept turning. I wasn’t that needed. Frankly, most in my life didn’t realize I was even gone. Hmmmm.