It’s the final three months of the year. Are you ramping up, winding down, buckling in, jumping off, grinding, sprinting, resting?

There are many things you can concentrate on but let’s use Curly from “City Slickers” to help you think through your most important opportunity, challenge, or goal.

Now, you’re not trying to figure out the secret to life (although it’s a great question to ask) but Curly is on to something.

One thing.

Curly knew that there are many opportunities, challenges, and goals in life. The more successful you are the, more of them you have.

If you don’t take time to decide on and get on the same page with your team about what that one thing is, you’ll do lots of things – but not the best most important thing.

Here are seven questions that Curly would have asked you about your company to help you unpack your one thing for the end of the year.

Curly’s 7 Questions

1.What’s the most essential Opportunity, Challenge or Goal (O/C/G) you have this quarter?

Brainstorm. Let it all out. It’s OK to have multiple answers with this question. Write down all the things that come to mind.

2. Overall, how important is this O/C/G to you? (scale: 1=unimportant; 10=extremely important)

Here is where you find out what IS the most important. Rank everything you wrote down. What rose to the top?

3. If nothing changes, what are the implications?

Change is hard. Here is your deeper “Yes” to make it worth pushing for the change.

4. How much revenue or budget is at stake with this O/C/G this quarter?

This makes it tangible. Quantify the financial side of the equation.

5. What Organizational benefit could come from solving this O/C/G this quarter?

When you win, overcome, and achieve, what happens to your company?

6. How else might you and your family benefit from solving this?

When you win, overcome, and achieve, what happens to you and at home?

7. What Kingdom impact could come from solving this O/C/G this quarter?

These last three questions are value drivers. How can your company, your family, and God’s Kingdom be impacted through you pushing to and through this next quarter? When you decompartmentalize your life and see it as all one big plan, it’s incredible how wise your decisions become.

Don’t just look at your company. Use your head, feel with your heart, discern with God, talk with your team and advisors.

What’s the most important Opportunity, Challenge or Goal you have this quarter?

Curly knew. It could only be one thing.

Dan Cooper
Post by Dan Cooper
October 3, 2019
Dan Cooper co-founded ej4, a video-based online training company, in 2003, and was its CEO until selling in 2012. During his time with ej4, he grew the company from a startup to a nationally-recognized firm, serving clients including Pepsi-Cola, Dr. Pepper Snapple, Honeywell, Monsanto and Syngenta. Channel partners included SAP and Oracle. As of the 2012, ej4 was serving 1,000+ customers, delivering millions of program views, was highly profitable and debt-free. Today, he is the CEO of Acumen, a mastermind community platform built for CEOs and Owners of strong and growing companies. He and his wife, Ali, have three children and attend Cure of Ars church in Leawood, KS. Dan enjoys running, all things soccer — coaching, playing and watching —and burning all types of meat on the backyard barbecue grill.