– Ellen Glasgow

Disruption is a trendy word. Start ups hope to disrupt an entire market. Mature businesses hope that something doesn’t disrupt their entire market. Disruption from those two perspectives has the potential to be good or bad.

We recently had Mark Sanborn in to speak with the Acumen community. He’s a best selling author of leadership books like, The Fred Factor, and was talking on his latest book, The Potential Principle.

Mark was elaborating on how to push towards your maximum potential. You know how good you are … but how good can you be? Disruption was one of the themes.

Personal disruption is like the mature business. You don’t like it. It creates change and who really wants to do that?

If you want to reach your full potential, then you should disrupt yourself. Better you do it, than someone for you. I think there is a similar lesson in there for your business. This isn’t change for changes sake but disruption to grow, create, and realize new opportunities.

Where might you start, either for yourself or your company? Sanborn provides a wonderful list of questions to jumpstart your mind and give you ideas to begin.

Questions like: (feel free to replace “I” with “my company” in these questions)

– What is the most important lesson I have learned this past year?
– What am I doing out of habit that doesn’t serve me well?-
– What could be improved by using new technology?
– What is my biggest time waster?
– What is the most important thing I should stop/start doing?

Check out Mark and Acumen CEO, Drew Hiss talking about The Potential Principle.