This year was record-breaking, with more than 19 million US workers (and counting) quitting their jobs and moving on to something else. This leaves the war on talent even more crucial in the new year. So is your business experiencing a turnover challenge? Perhaps it's time to rethink your employee attraction strategy for 2022.

Let me share a personal insight into this problem. I joined Acumen in the summer of 2021 after leaving three jobs in the last five years due to not having my needs fulfilled and talents capitalized.

Wow, I cannot believe I just openly admitted that!

On behalf of millennials everywhere, we are not intentionally job-hopping because, while I'm being honest here, it's extremely exhausting.

However, we leave jobs because our leaders do not understand what it takes to keep us around. I was pulled into my last manager's office and asked, "What is it going to take to keep you here?"

Unfortunately, it was too late, and I was thinking, "Oh, now you care about what I what?" Let's break this down and discuss how you can retain good employees and rethink your retention and hiring strategy in 2022.

Attrition is getting worse

Two-thirds of employees quit jobs without a new job lined up. Among those likely to exit, 60 percent said they are leaving in the next six months as of September 2021. This unique exit means organizations fail to provide meaningful attractions for their employees. Time is ticking, and action needs to be implemented now before the problem worsens over the next few months. What are you doing to ensure your employees are satisfied?

What I appreciate about Acumen is they make people their number one priority. A business will not function without the right people on the bus and in the right seats. When I was searching for my next job, I was preparing to be extremely picky and ask tough questions that would ensure I was made a priority from the start. I rethought how I would fit into an organization, not just check the boxes for a job I can do. Acumen paid attention to my individual qualities and characteristics rather than just what was on my resume.

As a leader, what are you doing to make sure your best employees stick around and ensure you hire the people you need? Do you personalize your interactions or have business transactions?

Create Interactions Not Transactions

When you fail to understand the human aspect of work, your employees will feel like transactions.

Employees are burned out and tired of the quick fixes. If there is anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that people’s needs and expectations have changed. Therefore, it's necessary to have interactions, not transactions with your employees.

When you understand where your employees are coming from and can connect with them on an interpersonal and social basis, their sense of purpose increases. Taking that action now to retain your employees can shift the great attrition the world is facing to the great attraction.

For example, rather than giving employees the typical Christmas bonus, how about you give them a few days off instead? Monetary benefits may not be the one-size-fits-all approach to employee perks. To know this, you must know who you are working with and make a concerted effort to understand them and their needs.

So how can you do this?

Rather than rethinking your entire leadership strategy, you can focus on hitting attainable targets in the coming months. Figure out what employees need and crave to thrive in your organization.

Coaching, mentoring, and creating team bonds are areas to spend some time improving and evaluating. Can you provide personal development or build a community for your employees? By interacting and focusing on people you take away the transaction grind that many employees are tired and bored of.

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Elizabeth Shandy
Post by Elizabeth Shandy
December 10, 2021
Elizabeth Shandy graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelors in Public Relations. In addition, she received her Masters in Leadership from Grantham University. Her deep passion for leadership came from her role as a peer advisor for nontraditional and military students while studying for her Masters. Elizabeth is the Growth Marketing Specialist enhancing our brand awareness, content management and supporting regional and team marketing. She has several years of marketing experience as well as skillsets in recruiting and advising. Her favorite thing about being part of our marketing team is getting to make a creative impact every day. She has several certificates in digital marketing including social media, graphic design, sales support, and content management. Elizabeth and her husband, Nick, have one daughter and attend Prince of Peace. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring wineries, crafting, playing keyboard, and spending time with her friends and family.