Have you ever worked so hard on something in your business only to realize it didn't really matter in the end? This is a common problem many CEOs and Business Owners face when they spend too much time working IN their business versus working ON it.

There is a difference – working ON vs. IN your business

How you focus your time and energy throughout the day determines if you're working ON or IN. You don't have time to waste as the person in charge of a company. Each action you choose to make should be time well spent, right?

When speaking with our Acumen community, we found that working ON your business is what more CEOs and Business Owners would like to be doing because it gives them room to set goals and think about the future, spot problems, and DREAM. As the conversation unfolded, we noticed they were doing the opposite: creating a deep rut of the same results and getting nowhere - even though they felt like they were running a marathon!

Gain back your time and focus on the important

The best way to understand working ON vs. IN is by asking yourself, "Do you run the company or work in it?" If you don't know the answer, take our self-assessment to figure out where you stand. You may be surprised by your results.

Every company is unique and has different issues. Checking boxes, answering emails, and answering phone calls are important; however, to push through to the next stage, you need to focus on results. Will sending that email be the answer to finding your next investor? Think big picture – outcomes. What do you need to do right now to create the vision you have for your company?

Strategy and Work

Our CEO, Dan Cooper, created a chart to explain what happens when you think about Strategy vs. Work. He states, "When you are in the business the bulk of the time, the work you do makes you successful. Output matters."

Time Spent Ebook Graphic (1)

But as your business grows, you need to increase the time working ON your business. You become successful when you kick out a ton of work (output) and start working on results (outcomes).

Time Spent Ebook Graphic (2)What's your strategy to increase your planning, execution, team management, and development? We recommend deep diving and reading our full eBook ON vs. IN if you don't know. You'll see specific categories of work you are doing ON vs. IN your business and examples of how you can improve.

What's Next?

See where you compare and benchmarks to help you stay on track. We're rooting for you and want you to fill your workday with the activities that matter with variables to help you map out your time. Get others engaged as you work through this - share our eBook with your colleagues, business friends, and community.

Leadership is challenging and should not feel like an "every man for themselves" world. If you're interested in learning more about how you can be sharpened, challenged, and inspired as a leader, we'd love to chat!