I had lunch at an actual restaurant with a client last week. We sat on the patio. It was awesome. It was the first time either of us had been outside “in real life” since all this began. OK – enough bragging, now onto the blog.

I read an article last week that stated our country is headed for corporate entities that will align with political parties. Not the individuals. The company. Really? Yuck.

This comes on the heels of social media and technology giants censoring and editing content on their sites. It also comes with the re-opening of our country’s businesses. Mask or no mask, distance or no distance. Come to the office or not. Who is liable if someone gets sick – and then gets everyone else sick?

We don’t need to take this to the next level. Please don’t take this to the next level. I’m tired of the media telling us we all hate each other. It’s not true.

In my experience, political ideology has never been wide or fluid enough to attach all my thoughts and beliefs to support one person or party. It’s impossible. How many times have you felt that you were voting for the person who sucked the least?  The lesser of two evils? Or that you had to ignore or prioritize your values to vote for a candidate that didn’t align with all your values.

Um … you just said don’t get political. Yet … here you are, getting political.

Right. I think the political process in our country is important. It’s what makes America American. This isn’t about politics. It’s about how you run your company and how you treat your people.

Making decisions on highly emotional super charged scenarios (like Covid) based on only how you “feel” or what is “right” is a bad idea.

In the book, “Everybody Matters, The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People like Family, ” CEO, Bob Chapman, introduces the concept of love in business. Every person you influence is somebody else’s precious child and in that, should be an increased sense of duty to work with your employees through LOVE and EMPATHY vs. an agenda and narrative.

Seriously dude? You just told me to LOVE my employees? How?

You’ve already got a framework to work from.


You spent a lot of time creating and cultivating company values. NOW is the time to lean into them to help you lead. That’s why they are there, as a backstop to guide your company and give you and your team direction and guidance.

Is respect a value? How can you respect your employees, clients, partners, and landlord? Is creativity a value? How can you be creative opening back up your business?

Do not worry, fear, and take sides. Use your values framework to build upon and grow what is already a great company and love your employees. They’ll thank you for it.

Lead your company through values, not politics.