Solitude>Gratitude>Attitude>Altitude. In my previous write up, I confessed that I didn’t have an attitude switch… and that if I sought “altitude”, a healthy attitude would be essential.

Hoping by now that you are beginning to soar and that you are experiencing new levels of “altitude“ in your life, heart, and soul! If you haven’t figured out by now, the outward results in life are a byproduct of the condition of your inner life: Your heart. Your soul. Your attitude. Your outlook.

A timeless proverb of wisdom states that “above all else guard your heart for it’s the wellspring of life.“ So true! Personally, I have to be constantly vigilant and on guard relative to the condition of my heart. When my heart and soul are healthy, my priorities, actions, and results follow suit… in a positive and impactful way! I’m a better person and much better leader.

May you soar on wings like eagles by leveraging the essential 4ti‘tudes that have been discussed over the past several write-ups. Be the eagle!!