About a year ago when things were getting back to semi-normal, I decided it was time to get back into fitness. I was a new mom thrown into a pandemic, and I desperately needed to get to a gym for my own mental and physical well-being. I spent the last year drowning in full-time mom duties, studying for a Masters, and finding very little sleep in between. Not to mention my husband worked nights and weekends. You can imagine the stress this caused. My current solution was not working.

With the time I had to myself during lunch breaks, I went for runs and bought cheap equipment to get some sort of home workout in. I even signed up for Planet Fitness because it was just $10/month and said it was a “Judgement Free Zone.” Yet, I still didn’t go to the gym as much as I wanted or have the motivation while I was there.

I needed a change. My current cadence of continual stress and lack of motivation was driving me insane. I wasn’t reaching my goals; I was going in the opposite direction of where I wanted to be.

A woman I was working with told me she went to an all-women’s boot camp and that I should try out a class with her. As soon as I stepped into the gym, I read a sign that said, “Women Empowering Women Through Fitness.” I knew this was where I needed to be.

Fast forward ten months later, 200 classes in, I am still attending that same gym. I never thought I would be here this long and would SEE results. The reason it worked and is working is because of the supportive women at the gym. They are not only accountability partners but motivators, challengers, and caregivers too.

This is the change I needed. All I had to do was realize I couldn’t do it alone. I needed peers around me to help accelerate me toward my goals.

I share this story with you because it’s the same concept in business. We cannot make decisions alone, nor should we put that pressure on ourselves.

Peer teams are KEY in business and in life.

Acumen has mastermind teams for CEOs and Business Leaders to help them sharpen their skills, challenge each other to think through situations and inspire others to enrich their storylines. Think about the analogy of a fire. One log will burn enough to warm you up, but once you add a few more logs, it becomes a bonfire and can warm up an entire group of people.

You’ve already ignited your flame. Peer teams help it burn longer.

Teamwork expands further outside of our own offices. Having an advisory team gives you more reason to keep going even when you don’t think you can. Here are some ways Acumen’s mastermind peer council teams support you and your business:

1. Peer teams help you make better sound business decisions – When you make better decisions, it leads to stronger results. You can bolster your own inspirations and creativity through open and honest feedback.

2. Accountability and Commitment – Not only will you find support and advice, but you have multiple people to check up on your proposed plans.

3. Personal Support - When times are tough, it can affect your business. Peer teams give you the outlet for the support you need and the resources available to you.

4. Lead with Confidence – We can learn from others’ opportunities, challenges, and mistakes. Many business owners are facing the same issues. When you have a sounding board to filter through ideas, you can lead confidently and save yourself from “what ifs” in your business.

A peer team is an excellent environment to invest time in yourself and trust that you may find the answers you’ve been looking for. We’ve been isolated long enough over the last two years. It’s time to put yourself in a community that encourages and teaches you how to be more successful for yourself and your business.

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