You can only grow your business as big as you grow yourself.
Julia Pimsleur

In our monthly CEO mastermind forums, which we call councils, the team completes a Battle Assessment during one segment of the day. A battle assessment digs into how you are doing as a leader in your business and personally. It’s a time to stop, look backward, forward, and reflect.

This month, it was interesting to see the theme of the current battles. Businesses and teams worked hard in the first three quarters. The COVID pivot was a battle in itself. Teams are still running hard, but the focus is on execution as the strategy is set. The bigger conversation was on the personal side.

You run a company, make decisions, build relationships, influence others, and impact the world.

How are you doing on the hardest leadership challenge you have? You.

The hardest person to lead is yourself.

How are you?

How are your habits?

Are you practicing what you preach?

Do you walk the talk?

Or are you projecting – do what I say, not what I do?

Your team is as fatigued with this year as you are. They are watching to see what the new normal is going to be. You and how you act are contagious. Now is a great time to look inside and get intentional about leading yourself, at home and at work.


By fighting your fires. That is F.I.R.E.S. Quickly assess yourself by answering each question below personally and be honest!

F.           Fix: What is broken and needs to be repaired?

I.            Improve: What needs to be upgraded, refined, or simplified

R.          Replace: What is obsolete and needs updating?

E.          Eliminate: What is not needed and should be stopped?

S.          Start: What is needed but never got going or resumed?

What are your answers to your fires telling you about life at home, with your spouse, kids, and your health?

As you already concluded, FIRES is a great way to assess your business as well. Go through FIRES again with your company in mind.

How can use take this information and start to work on what’s next?

How do you plan to show up to work so you are practicing what you preach?

The hardest person for you to lead is yourself. How will you lead yourself into 2021?

Now, go light some fires!