'Tis the season for goal setting and creating a fresh start. As the cliche says - "New Year, New Me," right? Gyms are starting to fill up, our pantries are looking healthier, and our brains are suddenly more motivated to tackle projects again. Why is it that the flip of a calendar changes our perspective on the life we want to live? Why hit the hard reset once a year? There's one thing you can do in 2023 that will keep you motivated and inspired all year long.

Have a community.

Your business is always "on," even if your doors are open from 9-5. Your business isn't going anywhere because you run it - right? Don't just grow your business - have a network to lean on in times of uncertainty. Who will be there at the end of the day to pick you up and give you wisdom when your next month's PNL falls short? Who's going to help walk you through deciding if making an acquisition is the next smart move? Who will tell you "no" when you're making a decision that could negatively affect thousands in your business? You get the point. The answer: a community.


What's YOUR community?

Church? Neighborhood? Networking? Professional? What about a CEO and Business Owner community? What if you had a list of CEOs and Owners on speed dial you could talk to when times are tough? Or when you feel no one in your business gets what you're going through? Maybe you already have other business leaders in your life that you turn to and have coffee talks with occasionally, but what about a monthly accountability group of 10-12 owners to work through situations, assess your blindspots, and give you proven resources for success?


Who Keeps You Accountable with Your Business?

Spoiler alert - the answer should not be your spouse. Don't put that pressure and stress on them. If your dinner conversations consist of unloading all your dirty business laundry, you're not being intentional with your spouse. Let family time be family time. There's a time and place to bring up business issues without burdening your spouse. While you're spouse and family are your cheerleaders, they shouldn't be your go-to problem solvers. Sure, some things are essential to share but keep the significant (and worrisome) discussions for a like-minded community.

Something powerful happens when a group of CEOs and Business Owners get together. Ideas transpire, problems get solved, and unknowns are no longer as worrisome. Acumen's community of CEOs and Owners gather monthly for a council session to work through issues and assessments of themselves and their businesses. Plus, there's confidentiality and trust within the group. Outside of monthly team council sessions, there's a 1-1 check-in from a Growth Catalyst who's invested in you as a person, parent, business owner, etc. 

Will 2023 be the year of continuous questioning if you're business growth is on or off track? Or will it be the year you invest in yourself and get inspired and challenged by a community that supports YOU?

Let's chat - Don't just build a business. Sharpen your edge. Cheers to a brighter 2023 and beyond!