Todd Pleimann’s story is a happy and increasingly uncommon one: after 33 years, he remains part of the company where he first began his career, fresh out of college!

Today Todd is the Managing Partner of RubinBrown’s Kansas City office, running the Kansas City office of the full-services CPA firm with a people-focused leadership presence. He started as a staff accountant; then a manager; then a partner; and then as the Managing Partner entrusted to move to Kansas City from St. Louis and lead their office here. “It’s been amazing to spend my career with this firm,” he shares. “I’m very blessed to be a part of the firm.” Todd has been privileged to watch RubinBrown grow over the years, expanding its offerings and presence into six geographic locations.

What it’s all about

A key focus for the firm is serving as trusted business advisors for its clients. “Sure, we do a great job on our financial deliverables,” Todd says. “But our real value is maintaining deep relationships with our clients, meeting and planning with them regularly, and supporting them throughout the year.”

“One pillar of our firm is the phrase, ‘Be your best for others.’ That means you are your best for the community, clients, and team members. It is a key driver in all that we do.”

Todd is personally driven by his desire to build relationships and help others. He loves spending time by the water with his wife, Michelle, and his two adult sons.

Where does Acumen come in?

“Acumen is one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done,” Todd affirms. “My time with the group has taught me to be a better man of God, a better husband, a better father, and a better business leader.”

According to Todd, the key to that impact is Acumen’s role in helping him keep things in perspective. When the days get busy, and it becomes easy to focus on life from a worldly perspective, having a community of like-minded business leaders and a rhythm of faithful learning has provided him with a constant reminder to keep Christ at the center of his career, his personal life, his planning, and so much more.

Todd stepped into Acumen nine or ten years ago, thanks to the persistence of Drew Hiss (Acumen Founder) and some nudges from God. He points to the blessing of coming together with leaders from all walks of life and industries and discovering that many of them experience the same issues. “There are always plenty of challenges,” Todd says. “The beauty of Acumen is finding those commonalities, coming together, and being real about all aspects of life. Whether we’re talking about business leadership, spiritual issues, or family matters, we have this unique opportunity to sit down together and share openly about what we’re going through—and to receive great guidance and support from an incredible community.”

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