Like all big ideas, it takes time to filter through the business world and reach intentional implementation. In 2018, I see significant movement of companies on their “why” journey. From “we want to do it,” to “we are trying to live it.”

Other than “our why,” I have also seen it packaged as a manifesto or guiding principles. And although still present, vision and mission are disappearing to make way for Why. Values are not going away and are a key component to the Why.

For those of you that have defined your Why and are trying to live it, your past should inform your future. This will not be surprising but merits a reminder as history repeats itself.

Please identify actions that line up with your Why and then overcommunicate.

If you don’t continually communicate, call out good examples, and celebrate when you win with your Why, your staff will lose buy-in. You will forget how you got here and will get back to grinding out your goals. It will become like the Vision, Mission, and Values of old that are on the wall and invisible. Just because it is your Why, does not mean that it will filter through your culture indefinitely. You must manage and foster it.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure real “Why Stories” are an agenda item for meetings from the top executives down to the front line and never get overlooked. Do what Simon says ( sorry, I couldn’t help myself), Start with your Why.

It’s simple, but not easy. Do not get lazy. When you continually point out how wins and good experiences correlate to your Why, then you’ll build those actions and activities into your company culture, which is why you did it in the first place.